Food porn a la Cinnamon Snail–ancho chili burger!

Okay so I promised once I crawled out of my cave of outdated technology and got a Smartphone I would become a better food blogger. Well my days of laziness are over, because I gave in (goodbye, reading real books on the train…) and got an iPhone just in time to document my visit to the Seed, a vegan expo in NYC this past weekend.

Get ready for some major food porn, people! I got to meet tons of awesome activists, window-show some really drool-worthy vendors (Olsen-Haus shoe-gasm, anyone?), watch cooking demos, listen to speakers and meet up with some of my favorite people, like sweet vegan pastry chef, author, photographer and an old colleague and friend of mine, Hannah Kaminsky. She gave a demo on how to make ice-cream without a machine, which rocked. She showed several different ways, one of which was to shake it up in a small bag placed inside a larger bag full of ice and salt. She passed it around for the crowd to shake up, and then when it was over she let me run off with the finished product and two spoons. What a sweetie!

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