I’m a bit behind schedule on this, but better late than never! I just wanted to take a minute to freak out about my Vegan Beauty Essentials Kit, chock full of high quality vegan beauty products. The kit arrived about 3 weeks ago, courtesy of Vegan Cuts. In case you’re a Vegan Cuts newb (I pity you!), the company sends out subscription boxes of cruelty-free goodies, from make-up to snacks. Mmmm, snacks.

On top of a generous handful of beauty products, the kit came with this adorable bag for your cosmetics, which I dig. Allow me to run down my top 5 fav products from the kit.

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photo 4Several months back, I was at a friend’s pool party, and over the buffet table, she made a passing comment about how I was vegan. You know, the usual “Zoe isn’t going to want any of that lamb, since she’s vegan.” As I continued to attack the hummus platter, you can imagine my surprise when a complete stranger to my left turned and said “So if you’re vegan, why do you have acne?”

Uhm, hello extremely rude stranger. Despite how off-putting the comment was, I managed to put on a friendly face and explain that since I went off birth control 3 plus years ago, I have been dealing with some intrusive hormonal acne. THANKS FOR ASKING.

Anyway, I’ve been making some dietary changes to try and tackle my hormones, like including more evening primrose oil and maca, stocking up on magnesium and probiotics, and limiting caffeine and sugar. But while I make those changes, I have also been on the hunt for the very best vegan acne products around.

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