Fetish Friday is back.  I know you missed it. Today’s fetish is shredding, or the act of ripping or tearing stockings, fishnets, and other undergarments off your partner (with your teeth, if you like). Perhaps this isn’t a hardcore fetish like Trichophilia or Narratophilia but it has a small cult following.

The shredding of fishnet, lace or other synthetic material makes a satisfying rrrriiiiiipppping noise that synergizes the whole dominant/submissive vibe. The shredder feels powerful and in control, while the shredded gets to enjoy feeling like their partner wants them so badly they are literally tearing their clothing off. Or, if you look at it another way, shredding can be a minor league player in a ravishment fantasy. The shredder is forcefully taking what the shredded isn’t quite ready to give.

Ladies, make use of your ruined, runny stockings and give shredding a try—since it is a major sensory stimulator (ahhh, the noise! Like popping those bubbles in the bubble wrap) I hear it can be fun to stoke your senses first with some decriminalized herbal remedies.

Have you tried shredding? Wanna talk to me about your fetish? Email me at SexyTofuBlog(at)Yahoo.com

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The gentleman I found for this interview falls under a trichophilia subculture otherwise unoriginally labeled “haircut fetish,” specifically shaving or being shaved. While trichophilia generally focuses on a love for human hair, this interviewee, Adam, has a lust for all things hairless.

So, meet Adam, a 45-year-old writer from Illinois who is always wondering, when people-watching, if those women or men have a shaved secret under their clothes.

Z: Your fetish is pretty unique! Give us a bit of background on it, please. I understand your interest in body shaving started very young. Tell me how  that began.

A: Actually, it started when I first got pubic hair. I’m not sure why,
but my first thought was “Shave it.” I did, but I had to be careful as
a teenager — having shaved pubes in the boys locker room back then
would have made me pretty “out there”, and I wasn’t ready for that. So
I’d shave only during the summers. I didn’t have much chest hair back
then, but once I got to college and it started growing, I would shave
it fairly often. I finally took the plunge and shaved my entire body
about 15 years ago. I have remained mostly hairless since.

What exactly is it about shaving or being shaved that works you up?

It’s both the act of shaving… changing my body look… and being
smooth skinned.

 So not only do you like being shaved/shaving someone else, but you also keep your body hairless nearly all the time. Why?

I hate body hair. I wish humans were just hairless; I don’t like the
look or feel of being hairy. If I could afford it, I’d probably have
my entire body lasered so I could be hairless forever.

Do you like to be shaved before sex? During? Tell me how it works.

I have done some shaving as part of sex. Once I let a woman tie me up
and she shaved my pubic hair and my head. That was really a hot scene.
But mostly, I like to just be shaved and have my lovers shaved also.

Do you enjoy shaving yourself, or with a partner?

Both. Sadly, I have not been able to find too many partners willing to
shave me or be shaved. I’d love to find more. I’m bi so this would
apply to both male and female lovers.

Do your partners usually respond well to your fetish? Ever had any adverse responses?

Interesting question. I once was kind of leery about being shaved when
it was about time to be intimate with a new partner because years ago,
fewer men were shaved. So I’d often let it grow out some when I was
seeing someone new, before becoming intimate. But then once I got into
it with someone I had just started seeing, and was shaved, and after
we had sex I asked her if she noticed anything “different”. She said
no — I had to show her that I was shaved.

That changed my whole attitude toward it — I was much more open about
it then and decided that being shaved & hairless is “me”, and I’m
staying that way regardless of what anyone thinks.

What are your preferred methods of shaving? Old fashion lather and brush, disposable…electric? 

I use a disposable. Gillette Fusion. Works great, and I do it in the shower.

Does it ever get a bit messy?

Messy? Not at all. Why would it be messy?

I mean when someone else shaves you, if you aren’t in the shower I could see it making a mess, no?

Oh, that would be true, yes. In the shower is lots of fun, though!

So let me ask you a personal question: are YOU shaved?

Hey now, this is YOUR interview not mine!

Wanna talk about your fetish? Email me at sexytofublog (@) yahoo.com

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