“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble…Oh, and KALE!” – Macbeth

I tried to write a post like this last winter, in which I gave a list of the kinds of things I throw in my soup pot to make it tasty. But I am going to try again, and do this better. You see, I love a great tomato-based vegetable soup, but it’s the kind of dish I hate having a recipe for. This is because it’s really hard to screw up a basic tomato-based broth soup. The more things you add, the more flavorful it becomes. β€œThe more things you add?” You may be thinking… β€œSo I can add a cup of chopped pickles to my tomato soup for added flavor?” Oh, gross, you know that’s not what I mean, stop being difficult.

Let me break down the category basics of what goes into a good tomato-based broth soup, so you can make it right every time, with what you have on hand, and impress all your friends as you whiz around the kitchen dumping things in a pot with no recipe like the fairy godmother of soup, or Hermione Granger, if she was domesticated. Soup wizard!

Lots of soup aficionados like to start their soup with a stock. However, I always start my soups with plain old water. If you simmer it for long enough, it becomes just as complex. Plus, I am lazy. Here we go!

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