These boots are made for tramplin...

Today is National Fetish Day! The third Friday of the year! In celebration, I am sharing an interview with a trampler. That is, a lovely lady who is married to a man with a trampling fetish. While the interviewee is not exactly a fetishist herself, she is the boot-wearer! Ahhh, the things we do for love! Kidding–sounds like she doesn’t exactly mind her hub’s shoe and trample fetish. Read on as I talk to Yvonne, a vegan with an extensive boot collection she has dubbed “bedroom boots.” Of course, her boots are vegan, too!

ST:Okay so you say your hubby has a shoe and trampling fetish? So he likes when you both wear hot shoes, and when you walk on him?
Yvonne: Yup! He’s pretty specific actually—he likes it best if he’s stark naked and I’m all dolled up with the cherry on top being a pair of boots. I mean like serious boots.  I have maybe 1 pair that I could wear out on the street if I really wanted, but all the rest are pretty much like stripper boots with giant platforms, or pleather with spike heels that go thigh-high.  These are dedicated bedroom boots that we have specifically for that. He picked most of em out, and I gave the final yea or nay vote.  I should also clarify that he’s below me masturbating pretty much the whole time.

Hot. Bedroom boots! Love that term. So how did he first introduce his fetish to you?
Gosh, it’s been so long now I can’t really remember…. I know that when we first started dating years ago he complimented a pair of 40’s-style wedges I had on, and I had a side thought that maybe he didn’t play for my team, ha!. Then over the course of our relationship I got to know what he prefers—he hates flats, likes heels over wedges, and boots more than anything.  Obviously I’ll wear whatever the hell I want, but it’s nice to know what turns him on when we go on a date so I can make a little effort when I pick an outfit.  I honestly can’t remember when he asked me to step on him while wearing boots, but I think we might have had a very frank conversation about what turns us on in the bedroom and he came right out and said it.

Were you open to it?
Totally!  Nothing unsanitary is involved and it’s consensual, so I was down.  Er…. up.

Now you say this is mostly his fetish; do you like it at all, or is it just getting him off that gets you off?
I do like being able to demand that he do anything I want and be a real bitch- sometimes it actually helps me vent my frustrations. At times it does get a bit repetitive, almost like a couple doing the same missionary-style thing over and over.  But we’ve found ways to change it up or do things different, and it also depends on what kind of mood I’m in.  His big thing is that he doesn’t want to do it unless I’m into it too, which is great.  I have to say my favorite part is when he climaxes, and I LOVE watching him from up above. So it’s basically 100 percent his thing, but I do get a little something out of it. As far as it turning me on, it doesn’t really.

What is his favorite kind of shoe for you to put on?
Boots!  Done.  Next question!

Hah alright then. On what part of his body to you walk?
Mostly I just stand over him and use one of my legs to poke and prod, but occasionally I’ll take a few steps on him, usually on his upper thighs, stomach, or chest.  I’ll also kick him, and he likes it when I demand he do things like massage my legs or kiss the bottom of the boot.

Do you walk on him with the shoes on only, or are you ever barefoot?
I don’t think I’ve ever done it barefoot, haha.

Have you ever left stiletto punctures on him?
Yea, I’ve left little bruises and marks before.  I saw them the next day and honestly got a little worried, but he said he was fine and that he liked it because it reminded him of how it got there and consequently turned him on.

Trampling can be a bit sadomasochistic, especially if you get into stomping. How far do you take it?
We really don’t take it too far, although I do have some whips and things from the early days, but I haven’t used those in a while and it doesn’t turn him on that much.  We’re like “BDSM-lite.”

BDSM-lite, that’s great. Fluffy! Anything else I should know about the fetish?
We’ve done a whole variety of things in the past like acted out scenes, or sometimes I’ll dance, which can be dangerous depending on what pair I have on.  I’ve rolled my ankle more than a few times, but no serious injuries! His newest thing is he likes to watch me get ready and put on makeup.

Wanna talk about your fetish? Leave it in the comments! Want to be interviewed for Fetish Friday? Email me at Sexytofublog (at) yahoo! Do it.

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TGIFF! This week I am covering the love of feet. Foot fetishism, or podophelia, is actually the most common form of fetishism for a non-sexual object or body part. To get an inside perspective,  I talked with a philosophy loving proggy-rocker in his early 20s who has what he labeled as a “mild” foot fetish. I let him pick his own pseudonym , and he chose Tom Thumb. Read on as Tom and I talk about Pavlovian responses, socks and foreplay. Now there’s a teaser if I ever heard one…

Z: Okay first just tell me some general info about your fetish, and how it started.

T : Well I guess it all started when I went to college. I had a girlfriend I would give foot rubs to and that’s how most of our sexual activity together would start.

Z : Oh, so it was like a segue activity? You were conditioned, Pavlovian style. So then is it only touching feet that gets you worked up, or looking too?’

T : Yeah it was sort of our pre foreplay activity.

At first I think it was more of me giving her a foot rub and then seeing her getting off on it. We were together for a few years so this happened pretty frequently. Then after we split up it was always a topic of conversation that would somehow be brought up with any other relationship that I got into.  

Z : Well, do the feet have to be pretty? I mean, I’m a runner and I have some pretty scary feet…just sayin’.

T : Yes the feet have to be pretty. In my opinion I would prefer the feet to be somewhat pretty, because it usually leads to a pretty nice pair of legs.

Z : So if they have gnarly feet, it’s a no-go.

T : Yeah no one likes to be around haggard set of feet. I think it’s going to be a turn off for just about anybody whether they have a foot fetish or not.

Z : Perhaps, unless they have an ugly foot fetish. Ever weird anyone out with your foot-lust?

T : Haha…No it doesn’t usually get to that point. It’s just sort of something that comes up in passing and if they’re cool with it, then I’ll persist further. If they’re not, it’s no biggie.

I’ll tell you what though, I did have a girlfriend once who would refuse to take off her socks. Needless to say, that relationship did not get so far.

Z : What kind of bat-shit crazy girl is going to pass up a dude who wants to rub her feet?

T : Well that’s why I often bring it up, and if she is into it, well then I guess it works out for both of us. And if we end up in bed together then it really worked out well for us.

Z : Right on. Anything else I shoot know how your freaky foot love?

T : Yeah I wouldn’t mind the occasional foot rub there. This shit goes both ways you know?

Z : So you like people to touch your feet, too! Did your ex that started it off touch your feet?

T : Yeah, I guess there is a very strong mental connection that builds up when rubbing feet leads to fellatio, cunnilingus, or any other assorted sexual activity.

Z : Pavlovian!

T : Absolutely!

Z : Okay so, because you find feet sexual, would you not touch the feet of anyone who you wouldn’t find sexual? For instance, if your mom/sister/cousin asked for a foot massage, would you say no because to you, that’s like your mom/sister/cousin asking if they could felate you?

T : Pretty much.

Z : And if a girl gets a pedicure, is that sort of like her getting a bikini wax or some crotchless panties? Like a pre-mating ritual?

T : Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Z : Verryyy interesting. Thanks for talking with me about feet!

Do you have a fetish you want to talk about? Do you also love feet? Hate feet? I want to know! Leave it in the comments or shoot it over to sexytofublog (at) Oh, and follow me on Twitter, @sexytofublog . DO IT.

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So I am excited for my first Fetish Friday post! I hope to be able to rustle up a fetishist to interview each week—so far, everyone I have reached out to has been eager to spill their freak beans, as long as everything is kept anonymous of course!

The following is an interview I had with a self-labeled “Submissive,” who I am going to call Barry. Barry is in his late 40s, is divorced, has three kids and works in finance. After talking with him I can’t help but wish I could interview his secretary…just kidding, that is so a (really hot) situational stereotype!

Z: So what does it mean to you to be a Submissive? Pretend I have no idea what you’re talking about and explain it to me in layman’s terms.
B: Basically it means in order to get off, I need to be dominated. This means finding a dominant partner, who in the kinkster scene is called a Dom. The Dom takes complete control.

Z: The kinkster scene! I love it. Sounds like a band. So you’re the slave, then.
B. Yep, pretty much.

Z: When did you discover your fetish?
B: I mean I guess I always preferred to have a woman take charge, but I was always nervous to take it to its full extent until I was married and completely comfortable.

Z: Its full extent?
B:  Basically a Submissive is supposed to present themselves to their Dom as a gift. The Dom has complete control, then. I won’t get into all of the details since I don’t want to blow my cover! But if you know anything about BDSM, you can imagine.
Z: Have your partners always been supportive?
B: Well I am divorced. Joking! Yes usually they don’t mind, although those who don’t get high specifically from dominating have gotten bored with it, or expressed a wish to switch the balance of power.

Z: And would you?
B: Yes, but it doesn’t really do it for me. Since I have gotten older and really narrowed down what it is I need, I specifically look for Dom partners. It just makes for a better bond, sexually.

Z: Any idea of why this is your particular fetish? Sometimes people like to psychoanalyze themselves.
B: I mean it started pretty young, but the only thing that I can think of is that in my career, I am in control of and responsible for almost everything that goes on. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else take the reigns.

Z: How extreme would you consider yourself? I know submissives can range from a more mellow bottom-only type to the full blown gimp.
B: I would put myself somewhere in the middle. I definitely don’t have any headgear with zippers or leather body suits, but I really can’t be  satisfied unless I feel completely controlled.

Z: So you would never don a facemask?
B: Never say never! If I was dating an extreme Dom, and they suggested it, I would try it. I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Z: So, do you have a code word if things get out of hand?
B: Of course. But I’ll never give it away.

Have a fetish? Wanna be interviewed for a Fetish Friday? Wanna guess Barry’s code word? I tried… Please email me at Sexytofublog (at ) But don’t email me asking for Barry’s info…this is not a social network for fetishists! (If that’s what you’re looking for, try

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(or get turned into a lamp shade)

I promise you can click on any of these links and it won’t take you to any xxx sites.  Although that would be a fun joke–perhaps I am lying to you! Can you really trust me when  my most trusted resources are Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia?

Recently I was talking to a friend who was seriously bashing the guy she was seeing who had a fetish that was a bit, erm, out of the ordinary.  I got a little prickly with my friend for hating on him. Don’t get me wrong; there are some really weird fetishes out there. Aside from your typical BDSM variety—choking, bondage, spanking—there is your creepy crawleys, your act-like- an-animal and other role playing, dude-looks-like a ladying. Then there is just the unexplainable—pedal pumping, looning, trampling. There are fetishes for those who watch too many zombie flicks (vorarephelia), and even a fetish for making someone else cry (dacryphilia). And then there is stitophelia—attraction to food. I think I may have once been attracted to a cupcake. I can’t be sure because I ate it before things got too heavy. Basically if you can think of it, there is porn for it. I dare you to prove me wrong.

The fetish my friend was bashing on wasn’t even that off color. They weren’t talking about turning people into furniture or lubing up each other’s feet. I told my friend she should be appreciative that her guy even feels close enough to her to show her what he likes, instead of spending hours on the internet, or finding someone freakier behind her back. Repressed fetishes—if they are extreme enough—can do some mental damage. They can mess with your self image (“I’m such a freak for liking this”), or worse. I would rather have a guy admit he imagines eating people than actually go out and hack up someone and simmer their organs in white wine. As long as he wasn’t really trying to masticate me, we could play kitchen. Whatever. A repressed fetish can be a dangerous thing, regardless of if the repression is turned in or out.

I’m not saying you should go along with someone else’s fetish just to avoid alienating them. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with, but try and at least see where they are coming from, or at the very least refrain from wrinkling your nose, gasping in shock, or running out of the room screaming. How would you feel if you expressed something that turned you on, especially if you knew it was a bit bizarre, and you were met with disgust? I told my friend that if she really is turned off by her man’s fetish—she was pretty horrified—and they can’t find any common ground, then they should probably find other people to play with. Bedroom miscommunication is frustrating, to say the least.

With this in mind, I am going to be introducing Fetish Friday, where I will talk about a different fetish each week. I would like to find and interview people with different fetishes, while at the same time avoid getting turned into a lampshade. So if you have a fetish you want to talk about, anonymously of course, please get at me here.

Also, watch a live performance of my favorite Blind Melon song, which just so happens to be about turning people into furniture! Love those creeps.

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