Ugh it’s frikkin cold! When it’s cold, I want to hibernate inside with something hot. Unfortunately, the man I sex (love you!) lives an hour away so I substitute man hotness for hot food. Specifically, winter is the season for soups and stews. But I have already written on here about soup wizardry, so let us move on to stew. What is a stew? I was cooking with my friend Nick from a while back and we pondered this question.

I turned to my most trusted source of information; according to Wikipedia, “A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.”

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Thanks for the pic, Quarrygirl. You're a better blogger than I!

Yum yum yum! On a recent trip to NYC, this boy I know took me to Candle Cafe on third avenue between 74th and 75th. I had a barbequed seitan sandwich on a ciabatta roll, with avocado and (gasm) caramelized onions, and it was gloriously messy in the way that all things delicious usually are. The boy who brought me was a vegetarian, so he got down on the grub, but even our non-veggie friend who was there enjoyed his seitan burger, washed down by an organic beer.

Candle Cafe is a pretty well known hot spot, so I was glad I finally got to check it out. Like normal, I wolfed down my food without taking a photo. I am pretty much the worst food blogger ever. I was also too full of seitan to order a vegan dessert. Sigh, I guess I will just have to go back! Also, cool side note–while creeping about on the Candle Cafe website I read that the founders were able to open the shop with money they won in the lottery! Bangerang, Rufio! I better start buying tickets.

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I have mentioned previously that one of the best features on the backend of is the ability to see what people plugged into Google to stumble across us (and by us, I mean me!). To sample just a few, today I got “women flashing truck drivers,” “vegan nightmares,” “sex pesto” (mmm..?), “fat girl eating chocolate banana” and “crazy sexy dumper.” Funnies aside, I did get one person who was searching for “how to be vegan without tofu.”

This struck a real chord with me. I was a vegetarian for a very long time before I ever developed a taste for tofu, or any soy product really. I was also very young, and perhaps not very smart about how to successfully maintain a plant-based diet. Now that I am vegan (and a full supporter of the soy council!), I was interested in this mystery fan’s (okay fan is a bit much..) query of not only how to be vegan without tofu, but how to be vegan without soy at all.

With a family history of breast cancer, I used to think I should avoid eating soy on a daily basis, and therefore limited consumption of direct soy products (tofu, soy milk, edamame, etc.). However, my doctor recently told me that the avoidance of soy in relation to breast cancer—as it contains high levels of estrogen—is unnecessary. We produce far more estrogen in our bodies than we could possibly get from soy products (says doc!).

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