So it’s no secret that I’m a romantic. That being said, I have skeptical views on traditional marriage. More so, I don’t think the majority of our country really values marriage anymore. Our divorce rate is startling. I worry it is because we no longer want to work hard for our relationships. Our culture is sort of entitled when it comes to getting what we want quickly and with ease. While I’m not sure if I ever will get married (I know I don’t want a big white wedding) I do love the idea of committing myself to one person forever, and making babies and wrinkles together. Just like in the movies. Ohhh! The movies.

Have you ever seen a movie that traumatized you so much you think about it days, weeks and months later? For me, that movie was Blue Valentine. Screw you, Derek Cianfrance. May you rot in love-murdering hell.

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