Uhm, what? If you are confused by that title, don’t worry. I am too.

Recently, an article surfaced on  Tree Hugger talking about how pubic lice, aka crabs, are becoming extinct due to “lack of habitation.” The article notes briefly that a study showed 80 percent of US college students are trimming or fully removing all of their pubes, and as a result, crabs are dying out.

While not many of us are boohooing about the lack of crabs crawling around our fellow bar-goers panties or boxer-briefs, it’s still important to note how a small change in human behavior can impact organisms around us. (Cough. Veganism. Sorry, I had to!)

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I thought I would publish a couple of questions I received from a reader (ooh! A reader!) recently, as I felt they deserve addressing. This reader and I have a nice little banter going back and forth about a variety of things. She keeps me updated on her love-life and I dole out suggestions about sex toys. Here are a few of her most recent queries.

Q: I’m now dating my friends with benefits guy. He has mentioned anal sex a few times in passing. He made it out like everyone’s doing it. My best friend said she tried it and it was the worst feeling in the world. Any advice?

A: Ooooh anal sex, you are not my friend! Haha. Your mancandy is not right, not everybody is doing it, unless by everybody he means everybody on his RedTube que. Have you watched RedTube? Good stuff. I digress… I do have a few girlfriends who love anal sex. If you are interested in trying it, I would suggest having your friend start with a finger (or two) and see how you like it. If it hurts badly, well then anything larger will hurt even more! Make sure to lube the fingers up, and also make sure once they have been in your unholy hole they don’t go anywhere near your ladycave, or else you will probably get an infection. Yucko. One trick to avoid this is to have him use right hand for one hole, left hand for the other, so as to not get confused as to which finger went where.

Q: I know shaven is in style but I just trim. My boyfriend/friend with benefits hasn’t said anything. Are there any advantages to being shaven in the bedroom?

A: Shaving everything (on either sex) makes you look pre-pubescent. Hair is normal. That being said, trimming is considerate. Think of your sex bits as your bedroom. If you know someone  is coming over, you probably straighten up a little bit so you don’t look like a slob, and so your guest feels comfortable and wants to spend some quality time with their face buried in your, I mean….hanging out. But do whatever makes you feel comfy and confident. And don’t get your pube primping tips from porn stars…as a general rule, I don’t trust anyone who voluntarily bleaches their asshole.

Have any questions for me to publicly address? Email them to sexytofublog (at) yahoo.com.

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