Because “resolutions” are too harsh

I know everyone is all about making new year’s resolutions, but I really dislike the word “resolution.” It removes all flexibility, and I like to keep it flexible. Instead, I like to set “intentions.” While both resolution and intention highlight a bit of forward-looking determination, intention just seems so much gentler.

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Dear Adriana Lima, thank you for making me care about football.

You can always tell how busy I am when I haven’t posted any new food or sex fun on here in a few days. This last week has been slamming me hard, with new projects at work, assignments that need attention  and fun events to attend.  On Super Bowl Sunday my buddy and bossman over at the vegan culture portal, super-chef Ayinde Howell, threw an awesome pop-up event in Brooklyn at The West. Ayinde’s vegan pop-up restaurant brand, Wildflower, has been featured all over, from VegNews to Grub Street. We had a great time on Sunday feeding vegans and football fans alike. Somewhere around 40 people showed up (we got the word out via NYC Vegan EatUP) and the menu included barbeque seitan sammies with ranch coleslaw, loaded quinoa nachos, pizza bagel sliders, his famous Mac N Yease ( triple gasm!) and more. People no joke showed up with Tupperware begging to take left-over Mac N Yease home–it’s that good.

Behind the scenes in the Wildflower Super Bowl Kitchen!

While I could care less about sports, I was happy the Giants won if only because I found myself in Grand Central at midnight, and being surrounded by New Yorkers when their team just lost would have been more terrifying than being tied to a chair in Times Square during the zombie apocalypse.  If you have never checked out iEatGrass, you should! This month marks its 2 year anniversary, which is exciting. While you’re over there, be sure to poke around  my column, The Lusty Vegan. Or don’t.

The first course! BBQ Seitan Sammy. Yeah. I ate that.

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It’s happening!! New York City’s very first vegan pop-up restaurant, Wildflower, will be open June 10, ll and 12, serving 28 courses of to-die-for plant-based gourmet.

Keeping things short and (deliciously) sweet, Wildflower will be located at 171 East Broadway for a limited time, offering intense combinations of flavors inspired by soul food, raw fusion, street food and more. Vegan chef and entrepreneur Ayinde Howell, founder of,  will be whipping up dishes like grilled bbq rubbed seitan brisket, dirty quinoa, seitan shwarma, churros and muffletas. Innovative specialty drinks such as white grape cucumber martinis and delicious desserts (hello Belgian beer floats!) will be available, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings Howell will impress with his specialty brunches, featuring his famous and much sought after mac & yease and a variety of unique waffle flavors–Reeses cup, mexican hot cocoa and orange creamsicle. If you aren’t drooling already (I know I am!) than there must be something seriously wrong with you.

Don’t miss the vegan event of the season–head on down to East Broadway this weekend! Be sure to make reservations, cause it’s going to be hoppin.’  Okay, back to daydreaming about waffles..

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Come on all you veggie enthusiasts, show your support for the plant-based food movement and pledge a few dollars on Kickstarter for Wildflower, a pop-up vegan restaurant pioneered by lifelong vegan and kick-ass chef, Ayinde Howell, founder of

If enough money is pledged, the restaurant will open in Manhattan in late spring serving delicious and unique vegan eats. Please show your support!

Specialty themed meals will include a bistro night, a gluten-free raw fusion, a street-food inspired menu and–best of all–a brunch! Please show your support, because I’ll be damned if I don’t get to try some of Ayinde’s waffles with a heaping side of his world famous Mac and Yease..

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