I was going to put a photo of me with hummus, but this little girl is way cuter. Look at that mug! Ninja stealthed from  http://blog.rachelhendersonphotography.com 

I own four different types of blenders. Say what? Yes. I have a blender, an immersion blender, a food processor, and a juicer which technically isn’t a blender but it takes things that are whole and pulverizes them until they are easily consumable. Same difference. I love my kitchen toys.

The point is that all of these are used to do different things, and my food processor spends its life making three things: 1. Cashew ricotta. 2. Banana ice cream. 3. HUMMUS. I love hummus—for me, it’s a food group. I like to make my own so I can experiment with flavor and control how much oil and sodium goes into my mix.

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The other evening after work I stood in my kitchen squirting Sriracha on crackers and wishing I had thought to soak some chickpeas so that I could make hummus when BOOM it hit me. Sriracha hummus! Sort of like when you write down your dreams in the middle of the night and wake up with brilliant bits of nonsense by your bedside.

I know people have done this before because originality is dead as ….oh no no no, it is WAY too soon for Whitney Houston jokes…Ugh why am I so crass?! RIP, Whitney! Anyway, I soaked some chickpeas that night and woke up at 7 am to make Sriracha hummus like some weird pant-less manic legume-loving Keebler elf.

Sriracha Hummus
Serves 4/Prep Time 5 minutes/Cook Time 5 minutes

You will need:
3 cups cooked chickpeas
1 clove garlic ( roasted, if you’re fancy!)
2 tbsp Tahini
2 tbsp olive oil
Juice from ½ lemon
1 tbsp cumin
1 tsp paprika
1/2 cup Sriracha

To make:
Throw all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy.

This has nothing to do with anything, but see how this wine-marker can read my thoughts!

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Shout out from the New Yorker

Today is world vegan day. I am celebrating tonight by having a hummus party. What does a hummus party consist of, you are wondering? Making a whole lot of hummus, with friends, because my friends also get excited about hummus. We will then dip a plethora of things into the hummus, and eat the hummus while talking about life (boys), family (boys and sex), work (sex and boys) and sex (sex). Really, this has nothing to do with World Vegan Day, I would do this on any given Tuesday, but I had to write SOMETHING now didn’t I? How are you celebrating your veganism today?

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Thanks, FoodDay.org !

Today is national food day. Occasionally my co-worker, Nick (oh hey, Nick!) and I talk about how exactly one goes about declaring a national day. How do you do it? Do you need to get it approved? Is it someone’s job to approve the national days, or can you do it at your leisure? If so, it could be a disgustingly terrible way to hit on the opposite sex and make them feel overall uncomfortable. “Did you know it’s national Oral Sex day? There’s only a few hours left ’til midnight, baby…” ANYWAY, on national coffee day I indulged in 3 cups of extra dark Columbian. Actually, I do that everyday. And today is national food day, but so far I haven’t really eaten anything different. I will, however, make you this nice little list of my top 5 favorite foods, because I know you care.  

1. Avocados—Full of healthy fats and potassium, I smear avocado on toast, eat them with a spoon, and make copious amounts of guacamole.

2. Hummus—Hummus is a food group for me. I probably eat it every day. I make my own because—like someone with a heroin problem—my addiction can get expensive.

3. Sweet potatoes—Sweet potato kale soup, baked sweet potato, sweet potato fries, stuffed sweet potato, sweet potato curry. Sweet potatoes are to me what shrimp is to Bubba. (If you don’t understand that reference, we will never be friends.)  Sometimes I wonder why my palms aren’t orange.

4. Barbeque sauce—This isn’t a food, you might be saying! Oh, but it is. I like to make my own when I am feeling productive, and I put it on everything—tofu, tempeh, veggies, and all of the things listed above (BBQ hummus, what!?!). Sometimes if I am real hungry and have already spent my allotted grocery money, you will find me eating my version of a poor college student’s Ramen: quinoa with barbecue sauce. Yep. Nasty.

5. Anything that comes out of a blender. I am a smoothie freak, a green juice freak, a soup-in-a-blender freak. I chipped my glass blender a few weeks ago, sprinkling shards of glass into my pumpkin smoothie, and I nearly died. I think I texted about 4 of my favorite epicureans about the tragedy, Tweeted about it, and called my mother to whine (and drop hints I want a nicer blender for Christmahannukah…).

Today, to celebrate national food day (to me, every day is national food day) I made a  Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana “milk” shake with the So Delicious Chocolate PB “ice cream” flavor. (The ice cream was compliments of VegNews who sent me a complimentary coupon for spreading the vegan love and helping them with distribution via the VegNews Street Team. Thanks, VegNews!)

1 ripe banana, frozen
2 (big!) scoops So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert
2 Tbsp Non-Dairy milk (I used soy this time, I also like almond and coconut)

Put the banana, ice cream and milk into a blender. Turn it on, pulse a few times—running it too much will make it very thin, and you want it nice and thick!—and pour into a glass! Enjoy while on lunch break while you serenade your kitten with Milkshake by Kelis. Or not.

In other vegan news, Russell Brand is now a vegan!?! Say what!? Another reason for me to want to slather him in sticky sweet foodstuffs and lick it off his skinny British body. Don’t worry Katy P, you can join too; there’s nothing crowded about a party of three in my opinion.

Oh Russell, I wish I was your pleather pants

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Sorry about the lapse in posts this past week; I have been traveling, first to Hawaii and then on to Taiwan to meet up with my mom and spend some time visiting my 2nd cousin Greg and his wife Chao.

While traveling is always exciting, a long trip like this means spending a lot of time in the airport. I spent two back-to-back days going from New York to Salt Lake City to Honolulu, spending the night on my uncles couch and then getting up early the next morning to fly from Honolulu to Narita to (finally!) Taipei. I basically gave up on finding vegan eats in the airport years ago, and so I always pack tons of snacks when I travel, stuffing my carry-on with so much fruit and nuts it probably looks like I am smuggling an army of pygmy marmosets up under my skirt. However, I was really impressed with the vegan options in the airports I stopped of at last week. I am not sure when traveling became so vegan friendly (probably since Oprah trendified it..) but I suppose can start to reconsider my fruit hoarding style of jet setting.

Ugh, I could totally go for a stack of vegan pancakes right now..

I departed from JFK and, aside from the usual smoothie shops, they actually had an entire stand dedicated to vegan options. Selections included fresh fruit and veggies, premade tofu sandwiches, salads with chickpeas, vegan pad thai and a plethora of snacks and bars. Of course, many of the premade food was sky-high with sodium and had enough calories to get me through both lunch and dinner (thank you, New York, for making it illegal not to list calorie content on all edibles) but at least there are options!

When I landed in Utah I had a few hours to walk around the airport and stretch my legs. Out of curiosity, I stopped to read a menu outside a pub-style eatery and was shocked to read nearly a dozen vegan options, all nicely labeled with a little orange V. The selection included tofu scrambles for breakfast, made-from-scratch veggie burgers served on wheat buns of on top of a salad, and a house-made hummus served with fresh-cut veggies. Way to go, Utah! Of course, in my excitement I forgot to take not of what the restaurant is called! Whoops. I promise to check it out on the return trip so I can share the name here.

I had to run to catch my connecting flight in Narita, so no opportunity to check out the food. However, China Air has a nice vegan meal option if you made sure to call ahead. I am still enjoying my travels (hoorah for three weeks off!) but promise to post more soon on vegan eating in Taiwan!

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