So here’s a bit of TMI: My birth control of choice is the condom. I know most women in serious monogamous relationships choose some sort of method that let’s you get skin-on-skin. However, 10 years on oral contraceptives, coupled with veganism, gave me a terrible b12 deficiency that cleared up right when my doc told me to ditch the pill. (Also, oral contraceptives aren’t vegan, btw!). So no oral contraceptives for me!

But Zoe, I know you’re asking, what about an iud? Well, despite hearing great things about them, I’m a little freaked about copper all up in my ladybits. However, even more terrifying than copper in my uterus is a baby in my uterus, so I use condoms. My favorite vegan options are Sir Richard’s and Glyde. Those are the only vegan condoms I am currently aware of. For a little bit of Friday fun, here are some hilarious condom ads courtesy of these two cruelty-free comPassionate companies!

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