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So in fitness fanatic news, I have been doing more rock climbing recently. There is a climbing gym near me that has a pretty cool layout, including a kid-free zone for adults to boulder about without any little monkey distraction. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. But watching them scale a wall that I can’t get up just makes me feel bad about myself.

Climbing is an efficient upper body and core workout, whether or not you’re in a harness or just bouldering (climbing without an attached rope, usually on shorter walls and over a padded mat, aka a crash pad).

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I think this photo is Gollum-esque, no?

So I am going to come out of the fitness closet now… I may have mentioned my love for exercise in between ramblings about lube and quinoa, but I am not sure how much I have stressed the fact that I love it. I don’t like to mention this too much because it seems to twist panties left and right, like when I talk about genuinely loving vegetables… But whatever, haters gon’ hate, and I like to get sweaty in the name of fitness on the regular. Get out of me with your judgements.

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