If you pay any attention to the beauty business, then you may have noticed that the cosmetic industry has been blowing up with BB creams. “BB” stands for beauty balm, (sometimes also refereed to as blemish balms). BB cream’s cousin, CC cream, stands for color control. Both of these cosmetics are meant to be smeared on your face to wear on their own, or to prime for additional makeup . If you’re confused as to which lettered beauty cream would work the best for you, allow me to help.

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Sweet, cosmetic heaven

Sweet, cosmetic heaven

You guys, I have a bit of a problem. I can’t stop buying Lush cosmetics. When I went vegan, I stopped wearing much make-up because I had no idea where to look for quality, cruelty-free products. I seriously did not wear lipstick for about 3 years. Tragedy. Blahblahblah, back to Lush!

The company has been around for a long time, and have become increasingly more awesome with every passing year. Unfortunately I did not find them until THIS year, thus the lack of lipstick in my life. Anyway, using organic ingredients, they produce hand-made cosmetics, soaps, face product and more. They don’t test on animals, are ethically awesome, use only vegetarian ingredients (some honey, so not all products are vegan), and have a great green policy. But that’s just their politics! Let’s talk products.

When you walk into a Lush store it feels like you’re walking into a candy store. It’s an absolutely edible experience that captivates and excites every one of your senses. Counters are littered with buckets of weigh-it-yourself products. Bins of water lay around so associates can assist you as you sample body and face washes on your skin. Vibrant colors pop on every shelf—electric shades of lipstick and eyeshadow stand out from their more neutral counterparts. You can try on everything. Small refrigerators showcase products that—containing no wonky preservatives—must be stored in a fridge for freshness. What I’m saying is, Lush doesn’t fuck around. So while you should certainly buy their stuff online if you have to, if there is a store anywhere near you, for the love of all things cosmetically wondrous, please go in.

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Assorted cosmetics and tools

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Growing up following my older brother around, I missed out on a ton of girly opportunities. It didn’t help that my mother, during the time I hit puberty, was on a natural kick and wasn’t shaving her armpits or legs, let alone wearing any makeup.

When those nasty girls at school started teasing me about the fact I didn’t shave my legs yet (I couldn’t have been any older than 11!) I had to sneak a shave with my dad’s face razor—sorry pops!—because my mom would not get me my own razor the necessary shaving accoutrement. Ma also wouldn’t let me wear normal deodorant for a while so I was stanky. Eventually, maybe when she realized I was practically being hazed at school/sneaking a shave behind her back, she got me a nice shaving kit with a note that read “From your hairy but loving mama.” You’re awesome, Ma! Anyways, she has since given up her European look (do French women really not shave or is that some ignorant American belief…when I was in France I didn’t notice any particularly hairy women…).

Where is this rant going? Oh yes, I don’t particularly know how to be a girl. That’s not totally true, I love dresses and frilly underwear. But I have NO idea how to lip balm—sometimes I go a little wild and wear tinted!—and mascara. I also have a bunch of makeup that is probably a good five years old when I went through this I-will-learn-to-wear-makeup phase. It includes foundation, bronzer, blush, eye shadow and eyeliner—all which should be thrown out because it is way too old.

So I have decided maybe I will try to get back into some sort of beauty routine! And now the issue is, where can I find cruelty free makeup that is still quality? So far I have been collecting MAC and Bare Minerals swag. Also I got Alicia Silverstone’s line, Ecotools, variety of makeup brushes. Actually I don’t think it is her line but they just use her as a spokeswoman? Whatever, they got me…

Here is a nifty list by Leaping Bunny that highlights cruelty free cosmetic companies so I don’t have to think.  

What cruelty free brands do you use? Please tell me I must know!

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