And then use them to pepper your floral arrangements!

Remember back when I wrote about coming for a cause with Sir Richards? Well I recently had the chance to interview Cory Capoccia, founder of Conscious Contraceptives, another socially conscious rubber retailer—spread those condoms, people! Conscious Contraceptives is also known as Con Con…cute, right? Reminds me of a toddler…I’ve been on a baby-sniffing stint lately. They smell so good!

Anyway, creeper status aside, the organization implements the same one-for-one charity model as TOMS Shoes. Read the following interview, and learn about their grassroots campaign, and their vegan selection! Also, get some info on how you can win a shit ton of condoms! A whole year’s worth! Stock your entire dresser with rubbers and scare away all of your dates with the expansiveness of your condom collection.

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