Last week I took a 2 am train down south to attend the bachelorette party of one of my old college roomies. I know when you hear “bachelorette party,” images of male strippers and penis balloons and blurry bar nights probably come to mind. But my old roomie is a classy lady, folks, and so instead we rented a hotel room and went to Busch Gardens. But thanks to good old Hurricane Isaac, it rained all day, the rides were closed, and so the only thing we got to do was take some incredibly cheesy old timey photos. Then we went back to the hotel room, downed a few bottles of wine, and rolled around in glitter confetti.

But what did we eat? While in Norfolk and Williamsburg, I went to two delicious veg-friendly restaurants.

Quenna’s Raw and Vegan Sandwich Shop

I adored the inside of this shop—bright colors with a friendly staff more than happy to come chat up our table. Two of the people I was with had never had a vegan foodfest before, and they were incredibly hung over—not the best state of being for your first vegan experience.

The menu was full of interesting options, salads and sandwiches. For some reason, we noticed that certain words were in quotes. This ‘avocado’ sandwich…. topped with ‘tofu’….wrapped in ‘nori.’ It was bizarre. But other than that, the food was delish—fresh and filling with unbelievably generous portion sizes. I had a salad piled high with avo and crumbled tofu, my friends had grain burgers, and we split some stuffed mushrooms. I also had a great nori appetizer (or should I say ‘nori’ wrapped) that was stuffed with extremely spicy bulgar wheat—yummo. It was too spicy for everyone else (pansies) so I got to eat it all.


Top, stuffed shrooms, bottom, burger in a pita with tofu “cheese,” beets and greens!


Take note, ‘Deez Nuts’ are different than ‘Sum Nutz.’ Gotta love their style!

Food for Thought

This restaurant freaked my freak. It isn’t vegan, but it has amazing vegan options, and you would never guess upon first entering. It’s large, and the ambiance is sort of like a home-style pancake house you would bring grandma to. I mean that in the best of ways. It was comfy! But it was decorated with great quotes about food politics, and the whole vibe was all about good food and good conversation. And the vegan options were unbelievable. Most omnirestaurants with “vegan options” have a frozen veggie burger or some pasta. But this menu had scrambled tofu, fresh beet salads, bbq tofu wraps with sweet potato fries, and—what I ordered—spaghetti squash with vegan pesto. Get. IN. Me. I was seriously smitten with this place.

Beet salad…and isn’t Reagan the one who made ketchup a “vegetable”? Irony!

Spaghetti squash and pesto. Sexy sexy sexy.

SO have you been to these places? Any other good veg spots in that area? Have a fun bachelorette story? Have you ever left a trail of glitter from your hotel room to the hot tub? Because I have!

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