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securedownload-5I have been digging this Gorilla Perfume by Lush in Flower’s Barrow. It’s a really unique scent, and not as sweet as I usually go. It’s actually quite savory, with sage and thyme. It also has floral scents (geranium and rose) but it mainly smells earthy… musky – in a good way.

When I first got it in the bottle and sniffed it, I was a bit overwhelmed with how musky it was.But like most concentrated scents, after dabbing a wee bit on my wrists, the scent mellowed out, meshed with the oils in my skin, and became super pleasant. It’s lovely,  and Lush says that all of their perfume oils are ethically sourced, so that’s good. A million thumbs up. All of the thumbs.

I have also been into Lush’s  Big Solid Conditioner bar. This bar I smade with sea salt and coconut oil and makes my hair very soft and sweet smelling- like vanilla and jasmine. I also like that it ditches the bottle, so my products can be as nude as I am while using them. Weee, naked.

Those are the latest Lush products I have been crushing on. I know I crush on them a lot, but that’s because every time I go into that store or pop over to their website I lose all self control. It’s a habit I can’t break, and it’s actually becoming a problem because I am gearing up to move and trying to get RID of things, not hoard them. Aye!

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This photo was taken last summer. While it doesn't have anything to do with playing pretend, poop is funny, and April 1st is all about funny.

This photo was taken last summer. While it doesn’t have anything to do with playing pretend, poop is funny, and April 1st is all about funny.

It’s April fools day, everybody! All around the country, people are playing with one another. I dig it. I stupidly chose this day to announce on the Internet that I am moving to Hawaii in 8 weeks, and now all of my friends not inside my core communication sphere (those people knew this has been brewing) think it’s a joke. Boy, will they be surprised come June when my Instagram feed is brimming with pictures of me hacking down coconuts.

But this post is not about my up-and-coming move. It’s about playing pretend. I have never actually pretended to be someone else during sex. While I am down for some dress up, full on role playing and I have never become acquainted. I am happy enough to be “Z dressed like school girl.” It has never really occurred to me to then ACT like a school girl.

But a type of pretend playing I am familiar with is pretending to be strangers. Not in bed. In public. This is something my boyfriend and I do randomly, and it started one evening on the train, without any planning.

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If you pay any attention to the beauty business, then you may have noticed that the cosmetic industry has been blowing up with BB creams. “BB” stands for beauty balm, (sometimes also refereed to as blemish balms). BB cream’s cousin, CC cream, stands for color control. Both of these cosmetics are meant to be smeared on your face to wear on their own, or to prime for additional makeup . If you’re confused as to which lettered beauty cream would work the best for you, allow me to help.

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Omega Munch!

Now that the official holiday of lovechocolate is over, maybe many of you are feeling ill from ransacking the 75 percent off candy sale at Duane Reade. No shame! I know it’s a good day if I’m eating chocolate before noon. I love a good, plain, bitter dark chocolate bar—90 percent cacao is my favorite. But I shook it up recently and tried a couple of bags of Nicobella Organics Munch.

Nicobella—fair trade and organic! Aw yeah!–is better known for their truffles, but I am pretty into their chocolate and nut mixes, aka Munch, because they give me a solid dose of protein, so I can eat an entire bag without feeling like I lost all of my self control. Bonus: they are relatively low in calories, as far as sweets go. They DO have a good amount of fat though. But fat is good. Let’s all embrace fat.

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Check out the long name on this clay mask: Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Seaclay with Goa Herb Oil Balancing Mask.  SEA clay! Fancy. I stumbled on this mask while trolling about Whole Foods with no real purpose, an activity that in itself is extremely dangerous. One moment you’re lingering in the produce section, and the next you have a cart full of daikon and an over-priced chia seed pudding mix—neither of which you have any idea what to do with.

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You guys! I have been seriously neglectful with my posting recently. For that I am sorry. But it’s the holiday season and I have been crazy busy! So in prep for New Year’s Eve, here is a round-up of the most popular SexyTofu posts of 2012. Sometimes my dad (hi dad!) gets uppity that I write more about sex on here than food. “It’s a sex blog, not a food blog!” But you guys kind of like reading about sex—the stats prove it! All of these posts are sexysexy, and I didn’t play favorites with these, I just looked at the stats of what posts had the most hits. SO basically what I am saying is we’re all a bunch of perverts. High five!

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Let me start by saying the holidays should not merely be a time to drain your bank accounts in the name of generosity. It should be a time for gratitude, for taking care of ourselves by relaxing and indulging, and for spending time with the people we love. But this is ‘Merica, and here, we like to buy things.

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With all of those holiday parties around the corner, lady vegans all over will have ample opportunity to play dress up. One of my favorite accessories that immediately dresses up any outfit is one that goes on my face—lipstick. And with the holiday season in mind, I am reviewing my favorite vegan red lipsticks for you—because nothing says “kiss me at midnight” like a bold lip. You’re welcome.

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Nothing could be more ironic than a vegan getting a tattoo touting their plant-based status…in non-vegan ink. Even the most dedicated tofu slingers may not realize that there is such a thing as a non-vegan tattoo. A fan of body art myself, on Saturday I headed to Williamsburg to check out Gristle, a darling vegan tattoo shop. Now before I start raving, let me answer a question you may be stuck on: WTF is a vegan tattoo?

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