5 Great Vegan Date Night Dinner Ideas

Happy Friday! For me, Friday night is often date night. While going out to eat is fun, cooking together and eating at home is much more intimate. Cooking for someone else is also a great way to show your appreciation for your partner—and we all want to do that, don’t we?

My boyfriend isn’t vegan, but he is down to live in a vegan house, which is loving of him. Since I laid down that law, I also tend to be the one who cooks 5 or 6 nights of the week. Recently, my guy made a comment about how we  often cook and eat the same things week after week. Hm, what’s that, you don’t want peppered tempeh steaks for the third Friday in a row? Since that comment, I’ve been trying to upgrade my recipe repertoire. In doing mad recipe research, I thought I’d share some of my finds with you. You’re welcome.

Below is a rundown of 5 delicious vegan recipes from our friends across the interwebs. Tell me, what’s your go-to vegan date night dish?

Easy Vegan Pot Pie

Comfort food at its finest! These are adorable, easy, and very impressive. When cooking for someone else, you want to seem impressive.

Recipe from CleanGreenSimple.com.

Cauli-power Fettuccine Alfredo

Creamy and packed full of nutrients? Don’t mind if I do…

Recipe from OhSheGlows.com.


Okay, this recipe is by our own bossman Ayinde because how could I do a recipe roundup and not include him?

Recipe from the New York Times.

Heart-Felt Endive Salad

I was looking for an interesting and unique salad upgrade and I found this little gem by my good friend, Hannah Kaminsky, author of My Sweet Vegan and a ton of other fantastic books. She’s a keeper.

Recipe from Bittersweet Blog.

Mocha Cupcakes

Nothing like a little chocolate and coffee to keep you up all night! Also, these are gluten-free, so no belly aches.

Recipe from Sarah Bakes G-Free.

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