Other News in Embarrassment: Watch Me Sniff Armpits on TV

Hey all.  As you maybe know, I write about tofu and hand jobs on a few other sites aside from my own itty bitty blog, and one of them is xoJane.com, an amazing women’s lifestyle site that I adore. Last year I wrote on xoJane about how much I love my boyfriend P’s armpits, and the wacky chemicals called pheromones.

Someone over at ABC read it and asked to film me smelling him and talking about pheromones. I ignored their emails for 3 weeks because I thought it was spam. Whoops! Eventually they came over to P’s apartment when he was really hung over, and filmed him making his way from Brooklyn to Connecticut to visit me. Then they filmed us chillin at my apartment. Later, they had me choose his T-Shirt out of a slew of other dirty ones while a mildly offensive British host pretends we’re on a game show.

It was my first television experience, and a bizarre one overall, but I thought I would share it with you. The segment is on pheromone parties, and is only 8 or so minutes long. I’m at the end. The embed was being super fussy, so click the image and you’ll be redirected to the ABC site.


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