Thug Kitchen Made My Wednesday So I Thought I Would Share the Love

I know bloggers are supposed to hoard their readers like greedy grubby trolls. DON’T LEAVE MY PAGE, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, I’M IMPORTANT. But I fell in love with another vegan blog today, and I just need to direct you over to ThugKitchen. It actually isn’t that new, but sometimes my head is stuck really far up my ass and I don’t hear about other people’s cool shit because I am trying so hard to make my own. I am sharing some of  ThugKitchen’s photos. So note, all of the below amazing images are from my new fav Interspot, Just like SexyTofu and iEatGrass, ThugKitchen is proof vegans are funny sometimes. It’s not all about saving the animals and snorting kale (although that’s cool too).

Seriously. I can’t even.





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Zoe Eisenberg is an author, editor and filmmaker living on the big island of Hawaii. For more from Zoe, find her on Instagram @zoahu, Twitter @Sexytofublog, or check out her book, The Lusty Vegan, available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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    Jamee Dyches
    April 18, 2013

    I fucking love this website. (Thug Kitchen is pretty cool too, I guess ;))

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