Stuff I Get Off On: DeVita BB Cream

If you pay any attention to the beauty business, then you may have noticed that the cosmetic industry has been blowing up with BB creams. “BB” stands for beauty balm, (sometimes also refereed to as blemish balms). BB cream’s cousin, CC cream, stands for color control. Both of these cosmetics are meant to be smeared on your face to wear on their own, or to prime for additional makeup . If you’re confused as to which lettered beauty cream would work the best for you, allow me to help.

BB creams are basically roided out tinted moisturizers. They conceal, brighten, even color, hydrate, and most contain sunscreen.

CC cream takes things a step further and works as a foundation. It has all the benefits of a BB cream but offers a bit more coverage, so if you’re suffering from dark spots or acne and you want a little more than a tinted cream a la BB, then CC may be for you.
However, many of the popular BB and CC creams that are available aren’t cruelty-free. I have been making my own tinted moisturizer by mixing a traditional moisturizer with a bit of concealer in the palm of my hand, as I kept on the lookout for a good vegan BB cream.

Recently I got my hands on DeVita’s BB cream, which I am loving. I have it in the lightest shade, because I am K Stew pale, and it gives me enough coverage so I can feel comfy without any other makeup on.
 I also only have to use a pea size amount for my entire face, which makes me happy, as I am all about conservation. I just throw on the cream with a little blush and I am good to go. Low maintenance bliss!

Derma E also makes a vegan BB cream, as does Haut Minerals, but I haven’t tried them out yet. If any of you have, tell me how they work!

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    March 25, 2013

    Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for vegan BB creams; they are hard to find!

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