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For the love of fuck, don't wear this shirt!!

For the love of fuck, don’t wear this shirt!!

When you’re “young,” and you live in a city, it’s sort of expected that you spend a decent amount of your evenings in bars. Being a wall flower by nature, much of my bar time is spent people watching, and because most of the people in bars are trying to get laid, I spend a lot of weekends watching people trying to get laid.

I need to preface this with a few facts you should keep in mind while reading. The first is that I live in a completely brogasmic city, littered with men who work in finance and have well groomed facial hair. Most of them make good money for their age bracket, have nice apartments or places by the shore, and swollen pectoral muscles. I hate to stereotype (no I don’t), but this is what the majority of the men in my city are like.

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