Recipe Alert: Eat Me! Avocado Lime Dressing


Easy lunchtime salad: Kale, chickpeas, raisins, avocado lime dressing! Done and done.

At any given time during the holiday season, I can usually be found with my face in a pie. Any (vegan) pie will do. But in order to make up for my pie parties (also sometimes mashed potato parties, mac n yease parties, and post-sex Chinese food takeout parties) I try and get some clean eating in. In the summer, it’s so easy to munch a salad. The produce is fresh, and with all of the warm weather, you crave something cooling. While soup is a great clean eating option for winter-time, I try and get in a handful of raw veggie servings a day, and the best way to do that is with a salad. But how can you tempt yourself to crunch a salad when it’s 23 degrees outside? With an amazing dressing. While I will often accessorize my salads with just a squeeze of lemon in the summer, in the winter I like a heartier dressing, mostly so that I can look forward to eating my salad when I would probably rather be eating more pie.

My co-worker/friend/fellow blogger Nick sent me a recipe for avocado salad dressing several weeks back, which he got from the Paleo book Primal Blueprint.  I used that as an inspiration  to make my own version, because I am an INDIVIDUAL! (Plus I didn’t have most of those ingredients…) Now while I am saying this is a salad dressing, it really can be used on top of anything. I recently made some lentil soup and feeling a little bit CRAZAY I put some of the avo dressing on top of it and it was delicious.

Avocado Lime Dressing
Serves: 4|Time: 5 min

1/2 avocado
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 tbs olive oil
1/2 clove garlic
salt and pepper
Optional: 1/2 cup fresh basil, when in season, which turns recipe into Avocado Basil Lime dressing. Fancy. I am a cheater and have some frozen basil from summer, but if you don’t, you can buy some at the store.

Step one: Add everything except oil to your food processor. Turn on, and drizzle in oil as you go to avoid separation.
Step two: Drizzle over your favorite salad. Store extra in fridge for up to one week.

Tell me, how do you get your raw veggies when it’s 23 degrees out?

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Zoe Eisenberg is an author, editor and filmmaker living on the big island of Hawaii. For more from Zoe, find her on Instagram @zoahu, Twitter @Sexytofublog, or check out her book, The Lusty Vegan, available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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    December 6, 2012

    I do salad pretty much daily for lunch! If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t get any raw veggies! It’s great fuel post work out for me

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    December 15, 2012

    This looks amazing! I def want to try it out:)

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