You guys! I have been seriously neglectful with my posting recently. For that I am sorry. But it’s the holiday season and I have been crazy busy! So in prep for New Year’s Eve, here is a round-up of the most popular SexyTofu posts of 2012. Sometimes my dad (hi dad!) gets uppity that I write more about sex on here than food. “It’s a sex blog, not a food blog!” But you guys kind of like reading about sex—the stats prove it! All of these posts are sexysexy, and I didn’t play favorites with these, I just looked at the stats of what posts had the most hits. SO basically what I am saying is we’re all a bunch of perverts. High five!

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This is a reroute from my Lusty Vegan column over on

For the love of fuck, don't wear this shirt!!

For the love of fuck, don’t wear this shirt!!

When you’re “young,” and you live in a city, it’s sort of expected that you spend a decent amount of your evenings in bars. Being a wall flower by nature, much of my bar time is spent people watching, and because most of the people in bars are trying to get laid, I spend a lot of weekends watching people trying to get laid.

I need to preface this with a few facts you should keep in mind while reading. The first is that I live in a completely brogasmic city, littered with men who work in finance and have well groomed facial hair. Most of them make good money for their age bracket, have nice apartments or places by the shore, and swollen pectoral muscles. I hate to stereotype (no I don’t), but this is what the majority of the men in my city are like.

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Look at me being all artsy!

Look at me being all artsy!

Happy holidays folks! Hanukkah is over, and Christmas is just a wee bit away. Right now, I am missing the bit of my family that lives in Hawaii. (Hi, mom!!!) So, because I relate everything to food (Must.Eat.Feelings), I made these Island-style mashed sweet potatoes. Feel free to try this recipe for your family or just make for yourself. Enjoy!

Island-Style Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Time: 45 minutes/ Serves: 4

You will need:
– 2 big ass sweet potatoes or yams, peeled and halved.
– 3 tablespoons coconut manna. (Not oil! Manna.This stuff is so delicious I can’t handle it.)
– 1/2 cup fresh squozen OJ.
– ½ tbs cinnamon
– 1tsp ground ginger
– ¼ tsp nutmeg

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Let me start by saying the holidays should not merely be a time to drain your bank accounts in the name of generosity. It should be a time for gratitude, for taking care of ourselves by relaxing and indulging, and for spending time with the people we love. But this is ‘Merica, and here, we like to buy things.

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With all of those holiday parties around the corner, lady vegans all over will have ample opportunity to play dress up. One of my favorite accessories that immediately dresses up any outfit is one that goes on my face—lipstick. And with the holiday season in mind, I am reviewing my favorite vegan red lipsticks for you—because nothing says “kiss me at midnight” like a bold lip. You’re welcome.

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Easy lunchtime salad: Kale, chickpeas, raisins, avocado lime dressing! Done and done.

At any given time during the holiday season, I can usually be found with my face in a pie. Any (vegan) pie will do. But in order to make up for my pie parties (also sometimes mashed potato parties, mac n yease parties, and post-sex Chinese food takeout parties) I try and get some clean eating in. In the summer, it’s so easy to munch a salad. The produce is fresh, and with all of the warm weather, you crave something cooling. While soup is a great clean eating option for winter-time, I try and get in a handful of raw veggie servings a day, and the best way to do that is with a salad. But how can you tempt yourself to crunch a salad when it’s 23 degrees outside? With an amazing dressing. While I will often accessorize my salads with just a squeeze of lemon in the summer, in the winter I like a heartier dressing, mostly so that I can look forward to eating my salad when I would probably rather be eating more pie.

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