Typical Friday night activity…Hot.

My goal in life is to be one half of a randy old couple. I want to still be having sex when I am old and wrinkled.┬áBut stereotypes say once you’re shacked up and shackled, sex falls to the bottom of your to-do list. A stale sex life is one of my greatest relationship fears, after divorce or maybe death of my partner.

It’s easy for your sex life to take a hit when you move in together, especially if living together is less than dreamy. Your partner won’t clean or worse, they are obsessively clean. Their habits start to grate on your nerves, and you’re picking trivial fights. I mean, who wants to deliver some mid-afternoon fellatio when you spent the morning picking their hair out of the shower drain? Not I.

But your sex life can even suffer when cohabitation is sheer bliss. All of a sudden, you’re living with your best friend, and it’s like slumber party mode all the time. Late night pillow talk and trashy TV marathons abound. But, unless your life is a pre-teen porno, slumber parties with your BFF usually end with only one kind of facial. (The boring kind.)

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