Boobgasms 101 (Intro to Breast Orgasms)

I like to joke that I have three clitoris’. (Clitori?) As ballerina-boobed individual, I am happy that for what I lack in sweater stuffing, I make up for in sensitivity. I also might name my future daughter Areola, just to be funny. What I am saying is I like nipples, so I was excited to stumble upon this Huff Post article about breast orgasms, which I will call boobgasms.

What? Breast orgasms? Many women report climaxing solely from the stimulation of the nipples and chest area alone. And this phenomenon isn’t like that sexual unicorn, the mythical G-Spot. The Huff Post’s writer Jill Di Donato let us in on a study done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine that concluded that nipple stimulation activates the same area in the brain as the clit, vagina, and other pieces of lady business. So basically, we process nip and genital stimulation the same way, thus the boobgasm.

The take away here is, if your partner likes it, don’t be stingy with the nipple play. It can result in big Os. But remember—if they like it. Nipple play can be a great way to warm a classy girl up before something really romantic, like an intense round of finger banging. (This is the second post in a row I use that term. Sorry I’m not sorry.) But that is just ONE opinion. I almost vomited in shock when an old room-mate told me having her nipples touched in any fashion totally skeeves her out. Learning this was pretty much the greatest tragedy of 2011. But the key is, learn what you like, or what your partner likes. Every set of nips is unique, so get to know your set before you start biting or twisting. Start off with something gentle and take it to a simmer before you boil.

Still confused about boobgasms?

I found this lovely instruction via Tumblr on how to achieve a boobgasm, incase you haven’t realized that it’s all about stimulation. Don’t visit the Tumblr that posted this if you’re at work, in public, or any place where you don’t want to be bombarded with porn.

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