Fetish Confession: Spankophilia

I was going to wait until Friday to do a Fetish Friday on this, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement. This is probably my favorite fetish, if not only for the amazing name. Spankophilia! If a Greek married an Italian and they made a pastry, this is what it would be called. But if you haven’t guessed, spankophilia is spanking for the erotic gratification of either or both parties involved. Spanking can be done with hands, paddles, canes or other fun party toys. It can be combined with bondage and is often a big part of dominant/submissive culture.

I like the whole “punishment” thing behind spanking. When you pay your taxes, floss your teeth and recycle, you rarely ever get to be a “bad, bad girl.” This kind of role playing allows you to feel naughty without getting too involved. You don’t have to make up a big sexy plot or put on a costume…although you can! Plus, if you’re a fan of mild pain-for-pleasure, it feels good. So spanking is a go in my book. Analyze me all you want, Freud.

Not sure if spanking is your thing? Before you try it out, check out one of these two movies, which both have amazing spank scenes.

A Dangerous Method

“I want you to punish me…” Well, Keira Knightley, don’t mind if I do! I dug this Cronenberg film, which looks at a relationship between renowned psychologist Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and one of his patients (Knightley). Freud (Viggo Mortensen) is  involved too, although he does more cigar smoking than spanking. Oh bother. But the scenes between Fassbender and Knightley are sexually explosive.


Even though this movie came out in 2002, I JUST saw it last night, which is why I’ve got spanking on the brain. In this flick, a very timid and awkward Maggie Gyllenhaal gets a job as a secretary for an overbearing lawyer (James Spader). They develop a dom/sub relationship in a quirky and completely enthralling romantic “comedy,” suitable for perverts and softies alike. The first spank scene, with Gyllenhaal bent over a desk being punished for typos, is a total panty puddler. You know, if you’re into that. Also, Spader’s character’s last name is “Grey” and he is constantly ordering his sub around, telling her what to eat and how to act even outside the office…I mean..bedroom. (I’m glaring suspiciously at you, E.L James…)

Holy spank, batman!

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