This past weekend I met some friends in Washington, DC. We stayed in weird trashy-funk hotels, saw Todd Glass at DC Improv, drank dirty martinis (well, I did), and ate lots and lots of vegan baked goods at Sticky Fingers. I’ve been wanting to get to Sticky Fingers for a while now, because I have a major sweet tooth and because the name is so dirty that I’ve been smitten with the place since I first heard of its existence. I really want them to make T-Shirts that say “ask about my sticky fingers…”

I digress. The bakery was just as amazing as I dreamed it would be, and that’s a huge compliment considering I was raised by a pastry chef. Along with the help of my manfriend, I sampled two different cupcakes, a sticky bun, and a cookie. And by sampled I mean inhaled with no shame. NO SHAME, I tell you.

First we ate the sticky bun, which was the perfect combination of sweet and (Worst Word Ever Alert) moist.  I hate the word moist, but this sticky bun was moist. I can’t remember the last time I ate a cinnamon bun, but I think it was back in high school when I worked at a bakery with my cake flinging, pie wielding Mama. It wasn’t overly sweet like those nasty Cinnabons from the mall, and I gave it an A +. I also must mention that I let my guy, P,  eat the center of the sticky bun, which everyone knows is the best part, which clearly expresses how much I like him.

The first cupcake we had was Peanut Butter Fudge, which was chocolate cake layered with chocolate frosting and peanut butter mousse. Again, it was sweet but not in that overwhelming make-your-teeth-hurt saccharine way that many pastries are. You know, the kind that makes you unable to decide whether you want to vomit or eat 5 more.

The Coconut Delight cupcake was my favorite because I am a coconut freak. Unlike the rich chocolate peanut butter cupcake, the coconut variety was super light and the vanilla frosting was fluffy as opposed to dense.

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