Happy Friday! I am rerouting you to my Lusty Vegan column on pop-vegan culture portal iEatGrass.com, where I talk about dating as a non-vegansexual.

I recently read a Huffington Post article by Maya Gottfried about dating as a vegan titled Dating as a Vegan: Honesty is the Best Policy and it spurred my own rant about my experience, plus some snippets of conversation between vegan entrepreneur Kristin LaJeunesse and I. Here is a nice little sampling:

After our interview in the fall, Kristin and I kept in touch talking about boys, food (and boys), life (and boys), and romance (and boys). It doesn’t take the crispiest carrot in the bag to see that Kristin is a hopeless romantic; she started a site dedicated to vegan weddings.

 On the last morning of her stay with me, over a couple of smoothies in my kitchen, we talked about dating and how important compatibility is, and how—for those interested in living a cruelty-free lifestyle—compatibility when it comes to ethical choices can be a huge issue.

Earlier in her trip I had told her my most recent story of romance: I spent most of fall of 2011 falling for my best friend of the past decade, When Harry Met Sally style. I told her all about hop-scotching out of the friend-zone and playing “guess where I want to put that!?!” After she asked about who made the first move, she posed The Big Question: Is he vegan?

No, he isn’t. Kristin and I admitted that neither of us are vegansexuals. Would we like to fall for a plant-eater? Of course. But from our experience, finding a guy who we really connect with who is also a vegan and SINGLE is even harder than getting our vegan custard to set. You see, compatibility is key, but for me, veganism is only one part of what makes someone a good fit. Other factors include temperament, politics, beliefs, habits, and more. Do I want someone to share my love for tempeh reubens and fuzzy-headed baby chicks? Sure. But I also want someone who is supportive, passionate, driven, smart, funny, attentive, caring, and—of course—a total tiger in bed. And what if I find that person and, sh*t, he also likes to cook up a steak on his George Foreman? When I think of my own relationship, the thought of missing out on the past handful of blissful so-in-love-my-face-is-numb months because my man eats meat is laughable. Scoffable, even.

In her article Gottfried talks about a guy who ditches a second date due to a hangover. He was a vegan, but even that didn’t ensure their lifestyles aligned. During my conversation with Kristin, she said “Just because you find a guy who is single, and vegan, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be compatible. Plus, being vegan doesn’t guarantee they are a good person.”

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