I have a serious problem with authority—but not in the way one would think. Whenever anyone who is even mildly good looking attempts to teach me anything, I am automatically attracted to them. You can see how this would sometimes be a problem, as concentration is difficult when you’re mentally undressing someone. My ex once tried so hard to teach me tennis, but the minute he started explaining anything, I would lose interest in learning a new sport and become interested in learning what color his briefs were that day.

I know I’m not alone in the whole “hot for teacher” mindset—in highschool whenever there was a teacher under the age of 40 who was not severely deformed, everyone was all in a buzz about how hot they are. If you saw them walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t look twice. But when commanding a classroom, they became extremely appealing (possibly because we were forced to look at them for hours on end and would rather focus on sex than say, algebra).

But the way a teacher commands attention is, for me and others, a major turn on. Add the fact that they clearly know things you don’t (even if it is only in one diminutive arena) and their sexy points are additionally amped. For me, nothing is sexier than smarts and confidence, both of which a good teacher must at least appear to possess in order to successfully run a classroom.

The last handful of guys I have been interested in have been teachers, subjects ranging from math to yoga to photography. Obviously this has been a subconscious draw—I am not walking around campuses trying to pick up teachers. But I think it’s a personality trait, the  drive to instruct others, that I have been attracted to. Maybe I am in need of a bit of direction myself, who knows. And then of course there is the all eyes on them phenomenon. Everyone in their classroom is looking at them, and so the idea that they would even possibly want you is appealing, as if they would pick you out of this crowd of people who are all watching them. Maybe I just have a weird thing for voyeurism, but the idea of everyone’s eyes on my prize is really hot.

Of course, dating a teacher is different than dating your teacher, which is usually frowned upon, although pretty dangerous and exciting—which is hot, obviously. There have been numerous cases of teachers having affairs with students, most famous being Mary Kay Letourneau who had an affair with her 13 year old student, went to jail for it and then MARRIED him when she got out.  That’s love, right? I have a friend who had an affair with one of her professors. At least, I am pretty sure she did, because she calls him Dr. Blow Job but refuses to disclose too many details (aside from the obvious one stated right there) because she “doesn’t want to risk his tenure.”

So what about you? Hot for teacher? Teacher hot for student? I wanna know!

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