Another Gaga Rant: Goodies on Display at the VMAs


I want a word with whoever Photoshopped out her nipple

Okay so, last summer I ranted about how much I dislike Lady Gaga. But, real talk—people can change! And, girl got under my skin, and so now I sort of respect her for the insane person she is. Also I realized she is pretty smart as far as celebs go…while Lindsay Lo, Kim Kardashian and all those other lime-light loving poptarts can’t go anywhere without 10000 photos being taken, Gaga has created such a heavily costumed presence, that she could throw on a pair of sweats and pull her hair into a ratty bun and go to a movie and no one would notice her because they only expect her to leave the house with her head wrapped in tin foil.

Anyways, last year I got all hopped up when Gaga went out wearing a dress made of meat. 1) that was disgusting, 2) that was wasteful and as a vegan it made me all sorts of cranky and 3) WTF IS WRONG WITH HER?! (Side note: that dress now hangs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Because it is meat and therefore will go rancid, it was preserved by a taxidermist and then painted to look fresh. Nasty.)

Well, surprise surprise, it looks like Gaga just might top last year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Apparently she will be attending and presenting at this year’s award ceremony—held this coming Sunday—topless. Yup! That’s right—lady bits on display. I am sure it will be blurred out for all of us crowding around our TVs (mine is from 2002, white, has a VHS player and is proudly touting “FM RADIO”) but anyone live at the event will get a nice peep show.

Gaga, you’re insane but…go ahead and get down girl. More power to you.

Okay now watch this MTV VMA promo..

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