Fetish Confession: The Gimp–Unmentionable Taboo, or Trendy New Plaything?

Budget Gimp

My friend Andy (who I have to mention is also obsessed with snakes and has a bunch in his basement and is that not kinky all on its own? I think it is) gave me the idea for this post, so, thanks Andy, when can I come by and play with your trouser crotch  snakes? Okay back on track: How much kink is too much? Leather boots? Hand cuffs? A bit of pony play? Alright how about full on gimp-status BDSM submissives, lock-me-in-your-box style a la Pulp Fiction?

Wait, wait, step back here. Some people (hi mom!) might be reading and going what is a gimp? No, not someone who is crippled—that would be totally un-PC of me. A gimp is a submissive sex slave, usually male, that gets all hopped up by being bound usually in leather (sooo not vegan) and told what to do. But what makes a gimp a gimp as opposed to some guy who wants to be handcuffed and gagged and bossed about and whatnot? Well, usually it is the signature full leather body suit and head mask. This leather (or rubber) body suit usually covers the hands and feet and looks like it would be great for scuba diving, also.

Gaga gimp?

That (in)famous scene in one of my all time favorite Tarantino films brought the gimpy subculture into the spotlight with the terrifying watch-guard gimp who gets decked by Bruce Willis. On a side note, I love Bruce, and I would do terrible, terrible things to be able to have him punch me in the face, so I am pretty jealous of this particular gimp.

The gimp is basically reduced from a sexual partner to a sex plaything, sometimes even hung from the ceiling. Maybe I used to watch too much Law and Order SVU but hanging someone in a rubber suit from the ceiling sounds like a recipe for trouble, and I have never delved into gimping myself. But would love to hear from any fans out there! Opinions here? Any gimp fans reading? Maybe I should put out a Craigslist ad looking for gimps willing to be interviewed.

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    July 29, 2011

    the craig’s list idea is NOT a good one…too many weirdos out there and that would be asking for them. your mom

    • Reply
      July 30, 2011

      hahah it was a joke mama bear, no harm no foul!

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