an apple a day! (image by 7thsens)

An article in the July Issue of Food Nutrition & Science states that a veg diet can be more nutritious than one containing animal products. The study, conducted by Eastern Michigan University, found that—surprise!—a vegetarian diet can be just as nutrient dense, if not more so, as a meaty meal plan. In fact, the study found vegetarians to have higher levels of fiber, Vitamins A,C and E, folate, calcium and iron (yes! iron!) than non-vegheads.

Founder of Food Nutrition and Science Phil Lempert describes the study results as fascinating, going on to state that only six percent of the population meets their daily goal for vegetables, so even those who aren’t interested in going vegetarian can improve their health by…drum roll please…piling more veggies on their plates.

Veg out, everybody!

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