BUAV’s new international campaign clip is pretty affective at getting its message across without horrifying viewers with footage of monkeys being tortured and/or tested on. Honestly, I had no idea this even happened, as I had never stopped to think about the fact that monkeys must be transported to get from wherever they were born, either in the wild or in captivity, to labs…Check out more here to learn how you can join BUAV and take action, and view their list of airlines that do or do not still transport primates. Poor monkies :(

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I think it’s awesome this 10 year old fitness freak, errr, guru, is motivating kids to get off the couch. As childhood obesity is on the rise, getting kids into fitness is great. However, I can’t help but cringe when I see middle school girls (and younger) on the elliptical at my gym—they should be at the movies hanging out with friends for 5 hours and telling their parents they are seeing back-to-back features when really they aren’t seeing any movie at all!

I worry about the pressure “the media” puts on girls (and boys!) to run around looking like little Justin Beibers and all those other pop-tart-perfect Disney stars…not good for the self esteem! When Skechers started aiming their Shape Ups at young girls, I cringed—again, they should be out enjoying their youth and not worrying about the shape of their ass. They have their 20s, 30s and 40s to worry about the shape of their ass!

So, if kids see C.J. Senter’s work out video and think “oh, cool, exercise is fun!” and decide to work out instead of sit inside all day playing World of Warcraft, than that is great. I would rather them go out into the neighborhood and get their knees all banged up than do a work-out video in front of the TV, but whatev. But if they see the Georgian child prodigy’s 8 pack and think “why don’t I look like that?” and then go cry in their bedroom alone, well then that’s not so cool.

I worry about the future of the youth of America all the time, which is sort of scary as I am at least a decade away from breeding any myself. By then, I will probably be so neurotic they will end up being homeschooled and socially awkward. Not that all homeschooled children are socially awkward, but mine probably would be, since I was socially awkward and I went to public school.

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