A recent press release by the Taste Science Laboratory of Ithaca, New York, states that those who like sweet wines may also have heightened senses of sound, smell and even touch. Actually, the bold statement that the release makes is “Sweet Wine Drinkers Might Not Wear Panties.”

While at first I scoffed, this actually makes sense. All the skankiest, no-underwear-under-my-skirt type girls I ever met in college had a particular attachment to Boones Farms…if you can even call that wine.

Actually, it really does make sense. The Taste Science Lab found that people who prefer sweeter wines are usually hypersensitive tasters, or super tasters. And, supertasters also have a sort of spidey-sense when it comes to other areas of sensation as well. Where does the underwear bit come into play? According to the PR:

The touch aspect can be significant in their clothing, as the manufacturers’ tags irritate their skin and cause them to wear underclothing inside out, or in many cases, none at all.
So if you ever see some drunk girl stumbling around with a bottle of Boones Farm and no panty-lines, don’t hate! It’s not her fault she is a supertaster…

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