Mmmm, I went to lunch today at Savor Healthy Pizza in Norwalk, Conn. This place is all organic, has vegan options and the thinnest of the thin crust. Seriously, they have the Victoria Beckham of crusts. And, they have whole wheat, spelt (spelt!!!), and gluten-free corn crusts. Bangerang, Rufio!

I love the place because it is super cute and small, but not divey (although I love a good dive). I have been there twice, and the very happy Albanian owner/chef remembered me and that I ask for extra chili sauce on my pizza. Oh, and my pizza!

The first time I ordered the Misto sans goat cheese, which had a thin layer of white bean paste on the bottom and was piled with veggies! Yum. Today I ordered the True Vegetarian, which was full of veggies and faux meat and cheese. Normally I don’t much care for pretend meat (I don’t fake my orgasms, so why start with my meat?) but I thought I would give it a try, partially because I was so excited they even offered it. While Connecticut does have vegan friendly digs, they are few and far in between so I am stoked to have not one but THREE near my office. (More on the others later).

Yum, fake meat!

My companion for the meal was my dad (aww) who had picked me up from work to take me to lunch. He ordered the Mediterranean, which had avocado on it! His had real cheese, but one could easily have opted out of that dairy endeavor.

Nice presentation

Savor’s website, for some reason, has photos of the food and not descriptions or even a real menu. This is great when I want to stare ate yummy pictures but not when I want to quickly browse a menu because I am bored at work/like to fantasize about food. However, they are forgiven because outside the shop is a sign that says “Love people! Feed them good food!”

Next time I go I will try the vegan lasagna. Maybe. If I don’t get distracted by the pizza, again.

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