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Okay now I know there is an app for just about anything–even one that tells you the optimal time for a pee break during a movie–so I guess sex apps should come as no surprise. A new app, “Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide” available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,  includes a position guide, top sex tips and even a special sexting mode. Created by Calvert Strategies, a Virginia based company whose mission is “Good sex is good for you,” the app apparently is just as educational as it is entertaining.

The original Dr. SexyTime was actually released last summer, but version 2.0 just came out with more positions and “homework assignments” for couples to embark on together. Shockingly, the Calvert Strategies team is not just a bunch of sexually deprived computer nerds sitting in a basement somewhere; the team actually has medical experts on board, including a physical therapist and Ph.D Sociologist. So, as long as you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can access Dr. SexyTime for only $3.99–unless you live in China, where the app is banned. Calvert Strategies is currently developing an Android version of the app so no one feels left out.

While I am not sold on sex apps, I like the method behind the madness, and can agree with the ideals of Dr. SexyTime creators. R. C. Kuhn, Calvert Strategies president says “when done safely, sex is one of the healthiest, enjoyable and accessible human activities, though the subject remains unfortunately taboo.” Kuhn continues with “we’re looking forward to offering products for more lifestyles, in addition to Android and multilingual versions very soon.  Apps are inexpensive compared to their enormous benefits and utility.  Imagine a world full of well sexed, healthy, happy humans. We should all want to live in that world.” Amen.

Personally, I have a hard enough time getting my boyfriend to put Angry Birds down at the dinner table. If he pulled out a Dr. SexyTime app in bed– well, lets just say that isn’t the only pulling out he would be doing.  However, the app is doing extremely well, so I must be the only one implementing a “No Apps in Bed”  policy.. (unless the app comes with a vibrate mode).

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