A Link Between Veganism and Penis Size? No..probably not..

While puttering around on veganporn.com last night — what, I read it for the articles, I swear!— I found a post that linked vegans to penis size. The author Jason (who I think is super funny and is the type of person I wish I could hang out with) really was just linking a study done by condomania that rates states according to the size of the penises that reside within (and how does one conduct a study like that, I wonder) to the vegan-friendlyness of the state by way of vegan restaurants and stores. Even he admits it is probably not the most effective study, and he also notes that because there are way more vegan women than men it sort of hinders things..since..you know, women don’t have penises…. Still an interesting post.

Now with some super sexual photos of women eating fruit…to keep up with the sexy vegan spirit…Don’t Google that though unless you want to find anything BUT pictures of women eating fruit.

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